As Migrants Stream Over Border, Biden Shares Video Where He Talks About a ‘Pathway to Citizenship’

With the situation at the southern border rapidly deteriorating as thousands of migrants stream across, President Joe Biden shared a video today where he talked about a “pathway to citizenship.”

The video was made as a celebration of Citizenship Day and Biden claimed in a tweet which included the video, “Immigrants come to America from different circumstances, but every generation has made us stronger.”

“This Citizenship Day serves as a reminder that it’s up to us to ensure we remain a country worthy of the dreams and aspirations of immigrants from around the world,” Biden explained.

In the video, Biden began, ” You know, ever since our nation was founded, America has been nurtured and enriched by contributions, sacrifices, and dreams of immigrants from every part of the world.”

Biden then stated that he believes, “They all have one thing in common: It takes courage to leave behind all you’ve ever known and start a new life in America.”

“Citizenship Day is a reminder that the job of every single one of us is to ensure that America remains a country worthy of immigrants’ aspirations,” Biden lectured.

Referencing his Build Back Better plan, Biden asserted, “My administration strives to do that by focusing on challenges facing working families, helping them gain a little breathing room so that more families can carve out their place in the middle class.”

Biden likely encouraged more migrants to stream across the border as said “I strongly support giving Dreamers, TPS recipients, farm workers, and essential workers their long-awaited pathway to citizenship they deserve.”

We reported earlier on the latest with the border crisis and U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) also referenced it in a tweet.

“This is a national security crisis! The Biden Admin is trying to hide it from the public by restricting drone usage by the press. BP is completely outmanned. This is an invasion. The border is completely out of control and so is this administration. Close the border now!” Greene demanded.

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