Wendy Rogers Reports That Her Petition to Decertify the 2020 Presidential Election is Less Than 100k Away From 1 Million Signatures Ahead of the Audit Results Coming Next Friday

Earlier today, Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers reported that her “NATIONWIDE petition to #Decertify the 2020 President Election has reached 934,954 signatures.”

“The audit results are coming on next Friday. I want to have AT LEAST 1 million signatures by then,” Rogers added and urged people to sign.

Polling company Rasmussen Reports quote tweeted Rogers and asked tongue-in-cheek, “Wait, what? Now close to 1 million signers? Was there something suspicious about the 2020 voting process?”

They then referenced the recent arrest of Hillary Clinton lawyer, Michael Sussmann and added, “No one told us. Does Perkins Coie approve? Has someone told them?”

Sussmann resigned from Perkins Coie after he was indicted yesterday on a charge of lying to the FBI.

In another tweet yesterday regarding the audit results release, Rogers explained, “The audit is coming out so look for distractions, false flags, disruptors, fake news, disinfo, Antifa, BLM, and anything else the deep state will try to derail this release. Patriots need to be vigilant. Record everything. Be wise and counter the left in the information war.”

“In other words, head on a swivel and stay frosty,” Rogers added in a quote tweet.

Yesterday, we reported:

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has announced the release date of the 2020 election audit that was done for Maricopa County, Arizona. A lot of time and effort has gone into this audit.

Many Arizonans and others around the nation have been waiting with bated breath, some have been impatient, others skeptical, and many have been patient.

Rogers and Arizona State Rep Mark Finchem have already seen some of the internal data and called for a recall of the election. This has lead to much controversy and some legal experts saying that it is impossible to do, no matter what the recall shows. Finchem is also running for Secretary of State and recently garnered the endorsement of former President Trump. It is likely that his efforts towards election integrity helped in that regard.

Rogers just tweeted this out moments ago:

“The date to release the audit results is next Friday Sept 24th at 1 pm on the Senate floor.  Because we have no hearing rooms it will be presented to Chairman Petersen and Senate President Fann. Gallery will be open to public.”

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