Attorney General Bill Barr Makes Cameo Appearance at Northern Virginia ‘Back the Police’ Rally

Attorney General Bill Barr was spotted today at a “Back the Police” rally in Northern Virginia. Vinson Palathingal, who is a State Central Committee representative, posted about the appearance on his Facebook page.

From Palathingal’s Facebook post:

Wow… What a great support today for our “Back The Police” rally in McLean, Virginia. A lot more honks and tons of thumps ups when compared to 5 weeks ago.

I think people are becoming more and more impatient with the ongoing Marxist-Democrat violent protests!

And guess what? We had a very important guest today. #AttorneyGeneralBarr stopped his car, got out and spend few minutes with us.

Thank you #AttorneyGeneral for your show of support for Police, Law & Order, everything you to do to uphold order in our cities AND your efforts to control the deep state in DC!

Palathingal had a sign that said “Minorities Back Police” and “Immigrants Love Law & Order.”

At the previous rally on June 29th, Palathingal posted a message that “No police means No safety. Let’s save the safe and strong America that we came to embrace. We owe it to our children and grandchildren!”

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