Kamala Harris ‘Advises’ Chad Wolf to Consult With Medical Experts About Pregnant Protesters and Chemical Irritants

For months now, rioters and protesters have decimated parts of downtown Portland, Oregon, and even protested in residential neighborhoods as well, striking fear into the hearts of others who just want to be left alone in their homes.

President Trump has had to order federal police to go in and push back on some of the disarray, despite liberal mayors and the Oregon Governor, Kate Brown’s resistance. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf was recently grilled by US Senator Kamala Harris about the effects of chemical irritants on pregnant women.

Of course, it does leave one to wonder if pregnant women should be rioting and looting, or even protesting between midnight and 5 am especially. Those are the time Wolf says it’s most likely these non-lethal forms of crowd control have been used. One Twitter user pointed out what he perceived to be a bit of irony from Harris, quipping:

“Hmmmmmm or maybe, just maybe irresponsible pregnant mothers shouldn’t be out at places or events where chemical irritants might be deployed” See tweet with video:

The Democrats have been largely accused by many Republicans of not standing for law and order for political reasons. In some instances, such as with the Mayor of Olympia Washington, they only change when their own homes are protested against, which is not ok either, but it highlights the irony of the left’s apparent hypocrisy in our view.

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