Audit the Vote Rally to Be Held in Greenville, North Carolina Featuring Wendy Rogers and Sandy Smith

An Audit the Vote Rally is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, August 24 in Greenville, North Carolina, Republican Congressional candidate Sandy Smith announced today.

The rally will feature Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers, who will provide an update on the audit currently underway in her state, according to a flyer released for the event.

“We must audit North Carolina so we don’t end up like Virginia,” the flyer urges.

Smith said in the tweet, “It is time we hold those who committed the election fraud accountable and do something about it.”

Rogers attended the cyber symposium that was held by Mike Lindell last week, which discussed the results of the 2020 presidential election.

During the symposium, Rogers announced that she was “one of the founding members of the newly formed Election Integrity Caucus that consists of legislators from all 50 states.”

“Reminds me of the Continental Congress. We will meet regularly and we will talk regularly to implement the securing our elections. #AuditAll50States,” Rogers added in a tweet containing the announcement.

In addition, Rogers has also started a petition to “decertify the election” that was up to 175,000 signatures as of Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Rogers spoke at an Audit the Vote rally in Pennsylvania which also featured GOP Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels and GOP State Sen Doug Mastriano.

After the rally, Rogers tweeted, “Got to see @DanielsCongress yesterday in PA. He is one of the FEW people I have endorsed for Congress. Please support him and get behind him. Teddy gave a great speech. We need him in DC.”

Daniels quote tweeted Rogers and responded, “It was incredible getting to hang out with @WendyRogersAZ yesterday. She brought the house down with her speech. Thank you for support Senator. I won’t let you down!”

Video of Rogers’ speech at the event can be found on her website, where she said of the event, “Great to be with so many brave patriots in Pennsylvania on Friday who are fighting to audit and secure our elections. Sen. Mastriano, Teddy Daniels, and the many proud American patriots who joined us to call for an audit of the election in PA, I stand with you! We will take our country back.”

Rogers has also announced that she will be participating in another event on Sunday in Virginia with GOP State Sen Amanda Chase to provide “updates and all the news from the cyber symposium in South Dakota.”

UPDATE: Smith provided Media Right News with a statement on the rally-

“Having free and fair elections is our number one priority. Even though State leadership is ignoring our request, we must continue to push for a full forensic audit here in North Carolina.”

“I’m honored to have fellow Patriot and Arizona State Senator Colonel Wendy Rogers come and update us on the Arizona Audit as well as share with us what we can do to push forward for an audit here North Carolina.”

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