AZ State Sen Michelle Ugenti-Rita Gets Booed Off the Stage At Turning Point USA ‘Rally to Protect Our Elections’

GOP Arizona State Sen Michelle Ugenti-Rita was booed off the stage today at the Turning Point USA “Rally to Protect Our Elections,” which featured former President Donald Trump, presumably due to her flip-flopping on election integrity bills.

Ugenti-Rita is running for Arizona Secretary of State as well and had apparently intended to give a speech that would promote her campaign.

National File detailed her humiliation:

Ugenti-Rita begged the crowd multiple times to allow her to give her speech, but was met by a chorus of boos throughout. Eventually, she admitted defeat, and angrily stomped off stage after telling voters, “I will win my primary!” National File spoke to a source who attended the event and understands that she was escorted from the venue by the Phoenix Police Department.

Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez tweeted out a video from the event and also linked to an article from the Gateway Pundit which detailed how Ugenti-Rita was one of two GOP State Senators who helped to kill an election integrity bill at the beginning of the month.

In a tweet, earlier this week, Ugenti-Rita had said that she was looking forward to the event and a number of Twitter users commented after the incident today.

Twitter user “AKA JL” told her sarcastically, “Nice speech! Your campaign will likely face a similar outcome.”

“What happened? You cut your speech short,” wondered Twitter user “SilverGate.”

“DeplorableDave” deadpanned, “How’d that work out for you lol. Good luck in the primary.”

It will be interesting to see how Ugenti-Rita rebounds from this or perhaps she will simply choose to ignore it, but it is clear that she is not listening to her voters and today she paid the price.

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