Turning Point USA Hosts Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita to Represent Election Integrity After She Reportedly Blocked Election Integrity Bills in Arizona

Arizona State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who is running for Secretary of State has been confusing folks lately. Although she initially was helping Arizona Republicans with election integrity, more recently she appeared to throw roadblocks in front of some bills to keep them from passing.

Now, she is being paraded front and center at an election integrity conference. Former President Trump is slated to attend this conference on July 24th in Phoenix, and many are watching to see what comes out of this. Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has also been at the forefront of election integrity as well, but apparently, Ugenti-Rita may be making back door deals with the swamp, even as Donald Trump is in attendance.

Although Trump was a great president in many ways, he has historically had a weakness for getting fooled by “swamp rats” in the GOP, such as how he thought RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel was actually supportive of him. She is now proving that she isn’t really a big Trump fan, however.

An apparent constituent lambasted Ugenti-Rita on Twitter, and fellow Senator Kelly Townsend asked for more explanation from Ugenti-Rita as to why bills are getting spiked.

“I’m considering going just to boo you as loud as I can just because you didn’t vote for the election integrity bill. The ONLY senator that voted No! We even had loser Boyer vote yes!”

.@MichelleUgenti, it sure would be good for all to understand why you would be the one senator to kill election integrity bills, then go to an Election Integrity rally to speak. Do you plan on telling all why you voted no? Or do you think all is good?

Here is @AZKellyT‘s side of the events. What say you?” tweeted one person.

From Senator Townsend:

“It’s my understanding that @MichelleUgenti got into an argument today with a fellow Republican about my bills telling him they were so poorly written she wouldn’t give them so much as a hearing. I call on her to publicly detail what is wrong with the language.”

“Committee hearings are for discussing language and proposing amendments to fix that language. Explain, @MichelleUgenti, why the bill was so flawed that it could not even be entertained for an amendment.

And that her arguments against his protest of her killing the election security bills was that she had been doing this for 11 years and she knows better than all of us how to write election law. Is this true, @MichelleUgenti-Rita?”

Big League Politics reported:

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) has invited an Arizona secretary of state candidate who killed crucial vote fraud reform legislation to their Rally to Protect Our Elections featuring former president Donald Trump.

The rally is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 24 at the Arizona Federal Theatre from 9am to 5pm. Arizona state senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita has announced that she will be a scheduled speaker at the event.

Media Right News previously reported in part:

Arizona Republican State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita killed a crucial election integrity bill in the Arizona State Senate according to her fellow Republican colleague Senator Kelly Townsend.

Senator Townsend posted, “Michelle Ugenti-Rita, candidate for AZ Secretary of State, just killed my bill, SB1241, which had over 34 serious election integrity and security provisions, because she was mad I didn’t get her permission to run them.”

Time will tell what happens with the bills and why Ugenti-Rita, candidate for secretary of state in Arizona is the one Turning Point USA chose to lift on a pedestal over others.

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