Barrett and Kavanaugh Vote Against Trump Again, Shoot Down Pennsylvania Election Case as ‘Moot’

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in a 6-3 Decision today to not review the Pennsylvania election cases concerning the 2020 election and potential voter fraud that some believe occurred in the state. Below is the tweet.

In the 6-3 ruling Justices Barret, Kavanaugh, Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor and, Kagan voted to not review the cases while Justices Thomas, Alito, and, Gorsuch dissented with the majority and voted to review the case.

There only needs to be 4 votes for the SCOTUS to take cases but since there were only three Justices that voted to take the cases they came up one vote short of having them being heard.

Although it is unlikely that the SCOTUS would have ruled in favor of former President Trump, it is symbolic that justices Kavanaugh and Barrett both sided with the liberals as they were appointed by the former president.

LA Times reported in part:

The Supreme Court dealt a post-election defeat Monday to Republican officials in Pennsylvania by refusing to hear their appeal of state court rulings that allowed for the counting of mail ballots that were sent by election day but arrived up to three days later.

Three conservative justices dissented.

Pennsylvania’s attorney general had urged the court to turn down the appeal because the election was over and the case was moot.

At issue, however, was a potentially important question for the 2024 election about whether state legislatures or the state supreme courts could have the final word on a state’s election rules.

If the SCOTUS will continue to refuse to take these cases then there will never be the certainty that there was no voter fraud in the eyes of many Republicans. After Trump appointing three justices, only one remains loyal to him though not a consistent vote. Trump seems to be getting backstabbed by those he helped in politics.

It seems to be regrettable to his supporters that Trump nominated Barrett and Kavanagh to the SCOTUS as they have yet to remain loyal to him. Hopefully, Trump has learned his lesson if he does reenter the political arena in 2024.

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