Biden Mumbles Incoherently for an Extended Period of Time When Asked if He Still Thinks Putin is A ‘Killer’

Joe Biden was reportedly over two hours late for a NATO meeting today. Many have speculated as to whether or not President and Vice President Biden and Harris should be out and about doing public speaking at all. This comes in light of Joe Biden being known for gaffes and brain farts, combined with Kamala Harris’ cringeworthy and inconsistent messaging as it pertains to the immigration crisis at the southern U.S./Mexico border.

One noteworthy moment after Biden finally showed up to the meeting today was when he was asked about Vladimir Putin, and whether or not he still this he’s a “killer”. Biden’s response was not only mostly incoherent but embarrassing for Americans on the worldwide stage.

“Well look, I mean, he has made clear that uh, um…. (long silence)… the answer is, I believe he has in the past essentially acknowledged that he was uh, there was certain things that he would do or did do,” Biden said to the question. Watch the video below: reported earlier about his late appearance:

“NOW – Biden over 2 hours late to his news conference at the NATO summit. White House has not provided any explanation for the cause of the delay (NBC)

UPDATE – Biden finally appeared 2.5 hours late, held a short speech, and is now calling selected reporters from a prepared list of names.”

Speculation has abounded as to whether or not Biden is competent to complete an entire four-year term. Meanwhile, it looks more and more likely that Donald Trump may run for president again in 2024, as both Biden and Harris have suffered drops in popularity. A recent Rasmussen poll has shown that popularity for the administration is dropping as well.

“Rasmussen Poll: Joe Biden Approval Rating at 49 Percent” reports Rasmussen. See tweet below: