Biden’s Political DOJ Can Resume ’Criminal Probe’ with FBI Raid Documents After Appeals Court Overturns Special Master Control

It appears that the “special master” taking over the FBI Mar-A-Lago raid documents case is now no longer, for now anyway.

An appeals court with the federal government has whipsawed everyone’s attention in the other direction.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has said that the Merrick Garland DOJ under Joe Biden’s administration can continue the ”criminal probe” after all.

CNN reported in part:

A special master’s review of that subset of about 100 records, which would’ve allowed Trump’s legal team to see them, is now partially stopped. The special master, Judge Raymond Dearie, is able to continue his work reviewing the rest of the material seized from Mar-a-Lago, to make sure records belonging to Trump or that he may be able to claim are confidential aren’t used by investigators.

It is hard to say if former President Donald Trump is in any real legal jeopardy or if this is more Democrat drama.

This came on the same day New York AG Letitia James announced a lawsuit against the Trump family.

Read more:

It seems maybe they ”really got” Trump this time. Or maybe not. Stay tuned for possible updates to this breaking story.

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