Big Trump Win: SCOTUS Denies Left-Wing Challenge To Census Immigration Case

Earlier today the United States Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in dismissing the challenge to President Trump’s Administration’s policy of excluding illegal immigrants from the census count. Below is the tweet from John Kruzel.

The three liberal justices voted for and the six conservative justices all voted against the challenge to the Trump Administration’s illegal immigrant policy.

This is a big win for the Trump administration and the immigration hawks as it upholds another key immigration promise the president made. The conservative supreme court actually decided to vote conservatively as some were frustrated with their ruling on the Texas lawsuit last week where they dismissed the case 7-2.

This ruling helps the Republicans with congressional redistricting as the population count is used to allocate congressional districts to each state. States like California have sanctuary cities where illegals can live freely without protection and if they were counted towards the census California would get more congressional seats which would probably go to the Democrats.

President Trump has been expressing frustration with the Supreme Court this week as he must feel betrayed by the three Supreme Court Justices in which he appointed. All three of them voted to dismiss the Texas lawsuit last Friday.

This ruling is a silver lining for Trump and the Republican party, especially those who value America First. Time will show the direction the court will go with the three Trump appointees.

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