Bill de Blasio Embarrassingly Stuffs His Face with Fries During Daily Briefing in an Attempt to Get New Yorkers Vaccinated in Exchange for Free Food

During today’s Daily Briefing Mayor Bill de Blasio decided it was a good idea to stuff his face with Shake Shack. Randy Garutti the CEO of the company announced on the program, those who show their vaccine card over the next month will receive free fries at Shake Shack in New York City.

In a, but wait there’s more forte, de Blasio announces “there’s a burger element to this” as well. He then grabs the burger sitting on a box next him and checks with his press secretary Bill Neidhardt to make sure its okay to eat a burger for breakfast.

de Blasio points to the burger and says “I want you to look at this and think about, again some people love hamburgers and some don’t, I really want to respect all ways of life.” as he pull the burger out of the wrapper to take a bite. “If this is appealing to you,” he says while holding up the burger, “just think of this when you think of vaccination”. He takes a bite of the burger and moans “mmmm…mmm”.

The screen splits, and the Shake Shack offers appear with the title ‘Vax and a side of fries! Free Shake Shack’. So not only is Shake Shack offering free fries for the next month to those who are vaccinated, but If you get vaccinated at one of the mobile vaccination clinics you get a voucher for a free burger. De Blasio continues to masticate on the live stream with a mouth full he mumbles “vaccination mmm”. He puts the burger down and says “I have a good feeling about vaccination right at this moment”.

““Mmmm!…vaccination.” NYC Mayor announces Shake Shack will give free food to vaccinated New Yorkers. “I want you to look at these French fries and think about how great it is to get vaccinated.””

Eating food on a live stream didn’t sit well with some people. The Director of photography at the Daily Beast had this to say about the Mayor’s public mastication. “I am both pro-vaccination and pro-shake shack but eating while talking – NAY, EATING WHILE HOLDING A PRESS CONFERENCE – is a fireable offense. what’s the opposite of liking ASMR”

Another twitter user shares, “De Blasio mother didn’t teach @NYCMayor not to chew with his mouth open or talk while eating”.

The attempt to bribe the population with food to vaccinate isn’t new, Krispy Kreme is offering a free glazed doughnut and medium coffee every Monday through May 24th with proof of vaccination. Earlier we reported, “The promotion is called, “Americans get their week off to a good start in these tough times.”

Progressive U.S. House Rep Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), who earns $174,000 per year representing her district, shared a picture of herself at a Krispy Kreme today, on a Monday, bragging about receiving a free donut due to her COVID-19 vaccine, although she could have gotten the free donut anyway.

“On my way down to DC, and I finally had time to stop by Krispy Kreme to get my free donut,” Maloney begins in the tweet.”

It isn’t clear if free food is incentivizing anyone to go out and get the Covid-19 vaccine. However eating while talking on live stream seems to have turned some peoples stomachs. See the full Daily Briefing below.

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