Bill Gates Reportedly Said Diversity Initiatives Would Ruin Microsoft After Epstein Relationship Questions Rehash Old Dirt

Reports allege that Bill Gates was very much a bully in the office and consistently brushed off diversity initiatives and pushes because they would “destroy” Microsoft.

Maria Klawe, a former Microsoft executive, alleged all of these details to Business Insider. Klawe claimed that Gates, responding to board members’ requests for higher consideration of diverse candidates to fill executive roles, said, “Are you trying to effing destroy the company?” 

Klawe said, “The message was, ‘Caring about diversity has nothing to do with the success of Microsoft.” There are also reports that Gates was unfaithful to his now ex-wife Melinda. A former Microsoft executive alleged that Gates was seen lying with another woman during a company retreat to a ski resort in the French Alps. This alleged incident occurred a year after Gates began dating Melinda, in 1988.

It seems that even the richest people in America and the world may be opposed to the cultural pushes that companies even created forced onto society. A company like Microsoft releases “Diversity & Inclusion” reports on its website every year.

These reports concerning Gates come following questions on his relationship with the pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. Gates has denied that his relationship with Epstein was not a “business partnership or personal friendship”, but was purely involving philanthropy. However, the Daily Beast has refuted these claims, alleging that Gates would visit Epstein’s residence solely as a “respite from his marriage”.

Gates apologized for his meddling with Epstein, calling it a “huge mistake”.

Social media users have attacked Gates. One user said, “Bill Gates is a sociopath and perhaps much worse. Do you believe that he kept visiting the pedophile rapist Jeffrey Epstein just to have “dinner”? His own wife doesn’t believe that. Imagine letting this monster make decisions about your life and health.”

Another Twitter user attacked Gates and all other elites that have ties to philanthropy: “Reminder that billionaire “philanthropy” is just an elaborate PR scam to make scumbags like Bill Gates look generous and angelic when in reality he’s got deep ties to monsters like Epstein. The money these jerks leech off of society never equals the money they donate.”

The company Microsoft has desperately tried to distance itself from its founder amidst the allegations accusing him of being anti-diversity and friends with a pedophile. In May, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, said, “The Microsoft of 2021 is very different from the Microsoft of 2000”. However, Nadella alleged that they will investigate decades-old allegations of misconduct if needed.

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