Newt Gingrich Slams ‘Anti-American Left’ For Supporting Unlimited Immigration, Says the Left Wants ‘To Get Rid of The Rest of Us’

During a segment with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich attacked the “Anti-American Left” for pushing unlimited immigration legislation.

Gingrich went on a tirade attacking the Left, saying, “What’s hard for most of us to accept is that the Anti-American Left would love to drown traditional, classic Americans, as many people as they can who know nothing about American history, nothing about American tradition, nothing of the rule of law.” The former House Speaker continued, “this is their ideal model…get rid of the rest of us because we believe in George Washington or believe in the Constitution. You see this behavior over and over again.”

Liberals across social media were infuriated, per usual, by what happened on Fox that day. Twitter users seemed confused and irritated by the idea that Gingrich espoused. Anthony Fantano, a YouTuber with just under 2.5 million subscribers, replied to the video of Gingrich, saying, “What the fuck are “classic” Americans?”.

Fantano clearly does not believe America is anything more than just a placeholder for a group of people. Gingrich seems to believe that America ought to be a united nation: united in morality, principle and united in patriotism. Another deranged social media user called Gingrich “openly racist” for his anti-immigration stance and decided to tag Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church in her reply.

Gingrich’s immigration stance is nothing fringe or extreme in the Conservative movement. Plenty of Conservative figures like Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, Nicholas Fuentes, Joe Kent, and more are of the same beliefs. In April of this year, Fox News host Tucker Carlson received egregious amounts of backlash following his anti-immigration stance. Carlson explained that unlimited immigration hurts the ability of Republicans to win elections. “This is a voting rights question,” Carlson said. The Fox News host continued, saying, “I have less political power because they’re importing a brand-new electorate. Why should I sit back and take that? The power that I have as an American guaranteed at birth is one man, one vote and they’re diluting it. No, they are not allowed to do that. Why are we putting up with this?”

It is clear that there is a rising “America First” push against mainstream Conservatism. While Leftist companies like Media Matters attempt to paint any anti-immigration stance as radical, influential figures like Carlson, Gingrich and Kirk still espouse anti-immigration views.

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