Bitter Bette Midler Crosses Line With Racist Tweet After Melania Trump Stuns At RNC

As we predicted, the bigotry and hypocrisy from the left, particular anti-white, anti-American bigotry has shone through. Liberal Trump hater Better Midler slammed Melania Trump’s stunning RNC speech where she applauded her husband Donald’s job as president.

Melania asked for the United States to unite and stop the violence and gave President Trump props for his imperfect but authentic self. I guess calling for peace isn’t en vogue with the ‘rage mob’ left these days though. We predicted in a tweet:

“How many “anti-racists” will be slamming Melania Trump later on this evening?”

Midler tweeted out insulting Melania’s accent, saying “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.” She seems to have forgotten that according to CNN, Melania Trump speaks multiple languages: “Speaks six languages: Slovenian, French, Serbian, German, Italian and English.”, although Snopes has marked this claim as ‘unproven’ so we are simply reported from other sources rather than making the claim ourselves. See the nasty vile tweet below:

President Trump tweeted a portion of Melania’s speech here:

If you haven’t seen by now, you should be able to with this awful hypocritical smear. Bravely calling for peace gets you insulted by the “anti-racist” left, and it makes you wonder who they’re really ‘anti’.

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