Bitter Neil Young Scrambles to Get U.S. Citizenship to Vote Against Trump

Neil Young has been living his life in the USA for a few decades now. Recently he applied for U.S. citizenship so that he can vote in the 2020 election. Young will not be renouncing his Canadian citizenship though, he has applied for dual citizenship. This process has been held up due to his marijuana use.

In a blog post on his website, Neil Young disclosed the details, which you can see below:

I Have Been Very Successful in my Life

I want to be a dual citizen and vote. When I recently applied for American citizenship, I passed the test. It was a conversation where I was asked many questions. I answered them truthfully and passed. Recently however, I have been told that I must do another test, due to my use of marijuana and how some people who smoke it have exhibited a problem.

The problem is defined in an April 19, 2019 addition under Attorney General Sessions. USCIS issued a Policy Alert which includes:

‘An applicant who is involved in certain marijuana related activities may lack GMC (Good Moral Character) if found to have violated federal law, even if such activity is not unlawful under applicable state or foreign laws.’

I sincerely hope I have exhibited good moral character and will be able to vote my conscience on Donald J. Trump and his fellow American candidates, (as yet un-named).

I will keep you posted, but I don’t think I will be able to remain parked here during the proceedings. 


Neil Young

President Donald Trump has used Neil Young’s song ‘Rockin in the Free World’ at many campaign events. Neil Young asked then-candidate Donald Trump to stop using the song at his campaign events in 2015. Young has no legal recourse against the use of his song at a public event. However, he has made it clear that he doesn’t want it used. He took to facebook with a post and a video that has since been removed. The text of the post can be seen in an article from Stereogum

One could be led to believe that this dispute has inspired Young to apply for his dual citizenship in order to vote against President Donald Trump in 2020. As Trump has pointed out in a tweet Young didn’t always dislike Trump. Young had even requested to meet with Trump at his office.


This seems to be common with many in Hollywood. Many who once were happy with the celebrity, ‘Donald Trump’ seem to be appalled by now President Trump, including President of CNN Jeff Zucker who was previously CEO of NBC Universal and a big part of the show The Apprentice.


All one needs to do to see how much Zucker seems to dislike President Trump is to spend a short time watching CNN and you will see very negative stories and opinions on him.

With less than a year until the 2020 Presidential election, it remains to be seen if Young will be eligible to vote in it. 

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