Student Gets Trashed by Peers For Reporting on Jeff Session’s Visit to Northwestern University

A Northwestern University student paper apologized for ‘retraumatizing’ students in its coverage of Jeff Session’s visit to the college. As any normal paper would do Northwestern Daily sent a reporter to cover Jeff Session’s visit as well as the protest of the event. Students then claimed that the pictures of the event ‘re-traumatized’ them.


The paper issued an apology Sunday in an editorial. The editorial states “We recognize that we contributed to the harm students experienced, and we wanted to apologize for and address the mistakes that we made that night — along with how we plan to move forward.”

This apology from Northwestern Daily has invoked many reactions on Twitter:


The Hill reported on the story:

Editors at the Northwestern University student paper The Daily Northwestern on Sunday issued an apology for what it called “mistakes” in its coverage of a campus event last week featuring former Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions, who served a tumultuous term as attorney general under President Trump from 2017 to 2018, announced a bid to win back his Alabama Senate seat last week. He spoke at Northwestern on Nov. 5 amid heavy protests. 

The editors at the paper from the well-known journalism school specifically noted the photos taken at the event in their apology, noting that some students had found them to be “retraumatizing and invasive” and adding that those photos had been taken down.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was invited to speak to local young Republicans at the Northwestern University, which is just outside of Chicago, IL. The event had a large protest.  The students assigned to cover the event used the school directory to contact other students to get comments about the event and protest. This was also apologized for in editorial published on Sunday as an “invasion of privacy”. 

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