Judge Napolitano Questions Trump’s Fitness for Office, Says Bill Barr More Loyal to Trump than The Constitution

In a lengthy piece by ‘Law & Crime‘, the outlet today highlights a video clip of Fox News Contributor Judge Napolitano bashing President Trump just days before public impeachment hearings in the House are scheduled to begin. The full clip can be seen in the article and two snippets from it in tweets below in our story.


Napolitano was recently caught in the middle of an implied feud between former Fox News anchor Shep Smith and Tucker Carlson of Fox’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. On an episode of Tucker Carlson, another Fox News contributor Joe DiGenova lambasted Napolitano for his perceived anti-Trump bias. Not long after that Shep Smith left Fox News for various reasons possibly somewhat related to this.

If there was any doubt, Napolitano confirms his feelings in this new clip. In it, he accused President Trump of violating his oath of office. President Trump has implied that Judge Napolitano is angry at him for not being nominated for a Federal Supreme Court seat, but this isn’t entirely substantiated. Napolitano can be seen accusing President Trump of other things in an older clip from Shep Smith’s old spot as well.


He mentioned in the full clip that President Trump “spent federal dollars not authorized by Congress”. Likely this was in reference to the Trump National Emergency executive order to secure funds to erect a southern border wall to protect the United States from illegal immigration from Central America. He then accused President Trump of “separating families at the Texas Mexico border in defiance of a federal court order”.

Andrew Napolitano goes on to mention President Trump’s removal of U.S. troops from Syria, portraying it in a negative light, and accused him of “escaping prosecution of obstructing an investigation into himself thanks to the intercession of an Attorney General more loyal to him (Trump) than to the constitution”.

He was referring to Attorney General William Barr in that statement because Barr concluded that the Mueller Report exonerated President Trump of any prosecutable crimes. He goes on for 7 minutes total in the full clip you can find in the ‘Law & Crime’ link above. Finally, he says Trump called the emoluments clause ‘phony’ in reference to the decision to no longer hold the G7 at the Trump Doral property.

Napolitano himself says “who knows what he meant by phony?”, but then goes on to say, “this is most unusual and potentially dangerous in a president, and it raises the question, can the President of the United States lawfully enforce only the clauses of the constitution with which he agrees, and ignore those with which he disagrees? No!”

Napolitano wraps up the below clip with very strong words against the president: “threats to ignore parts of the constitution are not matters of speech, taste or risk, they reveal character traits that question the president’s fitness for office”.


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