Black Lives Matter Caravan Takes to Streets in Downtown Louisville in Support of Riots

Video was posted to Twitter today of a massive caravan of Black Lives Matter activists heading to downtown Louisville ahead of an anticipated evening of unrest.

Media Right News previously reported on BLM and Antifa riot gear being handed out to protesters and rioters smashing tables and chairs at a restaurant while the restaurant patrons looked on in part:

Protesting and riots continue as we have been reporting on for the last couple hours in Louisville, KY ever since the city found out that the charges rioters wanted were not doled out by a Louisville grand jury over the shooting death of Breonna Taylor that involved Louisville Police.

It appears there is at least somewhat of a ‘push and pull’ between violent vandals and those who just want to protest, but unfortunately for the latter, they will often get lumped in with the former.

The most recent clip from riot thread poster @BGOnTheScene shows some rioters vandalizing a restaurant as they march through town, while at least one screams ‘NO, DON’T VANDALIZE!” It’s hard to see who’s yelling for sure, but sadly the folks tearing up the tables and chairs in the clip don’t appear to care.

Without evidence, members of the left-wing press have also rushed to label violence ahead of this evening, as well as twitter trending hashtags like #BurnLouisville, as efforts pushed by Russian provocateurs trying to influence the election.

These stories are developing. Follow Media Right News for the latest on the developing situation in Louisville, Kentucky.

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