BREAKING: Protesters Storm by Police Perimeter in Wake of Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Announcement

As the protests surrounding a grand jury ruling on Breonna Taylor kick off this afternoon, protesters appear to storm a police perimeter around Jefferson Square in Louisville.

Earlier today, a Louisville grand jury refused to charge the two officers involved in the death of Breanna Taylor with murder, citing strong evidence and a legally obtained warrant.

Until now, protesters have taken to the street peacefully and remained mostly compliant, avoiding confrontation with law enforcement.

A dramatic new video reported on Twitter by @BGOnTheScene shows a mass of protesters willfully ignoring officer wishes and storming a police perimeter around the square. The tweet details that there may be some effort for protesters to avoid the worst types of conflict with police so far, but it could get worse as the night goes on, although we hope and pray it does not. The tweet video was captioned:

“Protesters have been avoiding major confrontations with the police for now, instead moving past to get away from the secured perimeter police had set up around Jefferson Square downtown #BreonnaTaylor #Louisville

This demonstration of non-compliance with law enforcement has already set the tone for tonight’s protests, as Louisville braces for a night of riots and violence amid protester-lead chants of “No Justice, No Peace” and “Do not stop marching! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Earlier we reported on a U-Haul truck being unloaded with what appeared to be supplies, signs, and shields bearing Antifa and Black Lives Matter markings on them in part:

Meanwhile riots and protesters are gearing up as the city of Louisville has been preparing for a state of emergency ahead of this announcement. In one disturbing video on Twitter posted by @BGOnTheScene, an angry mob is apparently well funded, and it’s unclear where the funding is coming from, but Attorney General Bill Barr and local law enforcement should get to the bottom of this, and it appears to be more than a peaceful protest they are preparing for. Riot shields bearing logos for both Antifa and Black Lives Matter are being unloaded in the clip below:

This story is developing. Stay tuned to Media Right News coverage for exclusive updates. 

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