Boise ‘Back The Blue Patriots’ Outnumber ‘BLM’ AGAIN, Media Reluctantly Calls it ‘Mostly Peaceful’

Last night, the ‘Boise Black Lives Matter’ chapter in Boise, ID had planned one of their biggest protests yet outside of City Hall to demand that radical left-wing Mayor Lauren McLean defunds the police. Meanwhile, local law enforcement and news stations began putting out information that multiple other groups were planning to disrupt the protest, including possible violent ones.

The Mayor had anticipated ‘outside’ protesters to cause all kinds of trouble and asked people to stay home even though she supports the right to protest. The local BLM chapter ended up holding a small protest at Boise State University instead, and you can see video coverage of that here by the folks over at ‘Idaho Dispatch‘.

“We have learned that there are factions outside our community, many of them, that are looking for opportunities to incite violence, to divide us, and that they will likely be joining us here in Boise tomorrow night. I want to be clear, we will not allow violence in our community”. She goes on to speak more in the video below.

It’s important to note that the budget hearing protest last night was indeed ‘mostly peaceful’, but it also mostly ‘American flag waving back the blue’ patriots, the one’s she implied previously were infiltrated with ‘white supremacists’, and the ones she was, in our opinion, implying would be the ones causing violence. WATCH:

Despite radical left-wing Mayor McLean asking people to stay home, the new Police Chief Ryan Lee thanked ALL people who showed up last night in Boise, ID to various location, even the ones from outside the city, for keeping it mostly peaceful, although he did mention a couple of minor scuffles and one or two arrests but not a lot of details on who was arrested. Watch the police chief speak below:

We reported here about the last time patriots, and possibly a couple bad actors messing it up for everyone else, showing up and outnumbering the BLM. The Mayor, who is currently being recalled as an official recall petition has been filed, blamed ‘white supremacists’ for anything that went wrong.

Our story got lots of traction locally and has caused much discussion. It seems as though it might be hard for McLean to have much bad to say about last night’s patriots though, as they stood for hours around city hall peacefully chanting ‘back the blue’, ‘four more years’ and voicing their displeasure with the organization called ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Media Right News took to the streets last night and recorded two videos documenting in part how things went down last night and we even ran into some people collecting signatures to recall the mayor. They said they were getting lots of signatures. Watch the now-viral clips that have been seen all around the country below, where many in the comments are saying that this is how they wish it was done in their city:

At one point the Boise Police Department quietly marched around the blocks surrounding the Boise City Hall, receiving, cheers, salutes, and chants of “back the blue” from the crowd. It was an awesome sight to see for all patriotic peace-loving Americans. See photos from last night below, showing a peaceful capitol building down the street from city hall, where many protests had previously taken place.

It’s important to note that this is not the scene playing out in many other cities sadly. And sometimes the police, sadly, are even told by their leadership not to protect their own supporters, or to ‘stand-down’. We recently reported on how Michelle Malkin was viciously accosted at a Denver ‘back the blue’ event and sadly, it did not end up as well as the one in Boise, ID. In part, this was due to bad city leadership. But another thing to note is that when the left-wing protesters are grossly outnumbered, they can’t really cause nearly as much trouble.

Left-leaning local outlet KTVB reported on the ‘mostly peaceful’ event:

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