Bubba Wallace Wrecks Twice After Taking Brief Lead and Gloating: ‘Well, This Should Piss the Haters Off’

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace is still winless in his career despite taking a lead today at Talladega with 8 laps to go. He told his team at the time, “Well, this should piss the haters off” over the radio.

With six laps left, Wallace found himself running into the wall as he battled Joey Logano for the lead, which seemingly ended his hopes for a victory.

According to the Sporting news,

Wallace isn’t one to let the haters get the last laugh, though. After catching a lucky break with a late caution, he pitted and was able to mend his car and refuel, avoiding a huge pile up and sneaking his way back into the top five. But it just wasn’t meant to be for Wallace, as he wrecked again while trying to make a late push for the lead, getting turned around after making contact with the outside wall.

One Twitter user who goes by Stonewall Jackson, reveled in Wallace’s failure (he finished 24th):

I haven’t watched Nascar since the whole Bubba Wallace bullsh*t. But I tuned in today, and Wallace was just winning with 7 laps to go, fighting against Joey Logano. And Logano just schooled him and Wallace lost control, smacked into wall. Still a winless loser.

Esquire released an article today where they did an in-depth interview with Wallace and he talked about the incident that happened over the summer with the garage pull.

He insisted that he was right:

“I’ve been wanting to voice my opinion for so long,” he says, before settling back down. “What does a model car of, say, a Chevy Camaro, like a little Hot Wheels car… it’s gonna be like oh, that’s a Camaro! That’s what you’re gonna tell your kid when you’re playing with it. What’s the toy car representing? It might be a Camaro, but it’s a car. No matter the size of this rope, garage pull, the noose that it was fashioned into…it’s still a f**kin’ noose at the end of the day, you know?”

Wallace tweeted after the race, “We came, we tried, we failed, but damn it was a good day for our team! Fun leading some laps and learning a ton. Onto roval”

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