Buzzfeed Reporter Mocked For Claiming New Jan. 6 Video Footage Shows ‘Breach’ at Capitol as Trump Supporters Walk By Police

Buzzfeed Reporter Zoe Tillman tweeted out clips from a pair of US Capitol Jan. 6 surveillance videos that were disclosed last week by prosecutors.

“Two cameras, 40 minutes. New Capitol surveillance footage shows a breach by Jan. 6 rioters from start to finish,” Tillman claimed in the tweet.

In an article on the videos, Tillman suggested that “the footage shows a small team of US Capitol Police officers vastly outnumbered by the crush of people trying to get in.”

“There are at most five officers in the frame at any given moment; hundreds of people flow through that entry point on the Upper West Terrace of the Capitol over the span of roughly 13 minutes. The rioters in large part do not turn around when police try to block their path but appear to argue and negotiate before they push past officers or until the officers retreat,” Tillman explained.

Many responded by mocking the claim by Tillman that the video footage that she shared showed a “breach” at the Capitol.

Twitter user Andrew Nutting responded to Tillman, “I know ‘breach’ feeds the insurrection narrative but obvious to anyone watching this video, you do not know what the word ‘breach’ means.”

Conservative lawyer and journalist Ron Coleman replied by sharing a popular Dr. Evil meme where he makes an air quotes gesture and said in the tweet, “Breach.”

“I kid, but this is hard to watch,” Coleman added in a follow-up reply that included one of the clips shared with a picture of U.S. House Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) covering her face transposed on the video.

Another Twitter user Danny Dyer had what appeared to be the most popular response as he sarcastically declared, “The bravery of the CP to usher in the protestors single-file is moving. Especially when one of the officers was waving them to enter more quickly…a tear filled my eye. This is our generation’s Alamo.”

Last month, a similar amount of mocking unfolded after footage was released that prosecutors had argued posed a “national security” risk.

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