Trump Applauds Colin Powell Being ‘Beautifully’ Treated in Death By the ‘Fake News Media’ in Tongue-in-Cheek Statement

Former President Donald Trump issued a tongue-in-cheek statement today, a day after the passing of former Secretary of State and Biden voter Colin Powell.

In the statement, Trump applauded Powell for being “beautifully” treated in death by the “fake news media.”

“Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media. Hope that happens to me someday,” Trump explained.

Some claimed that Trump possibly was jealous of the treatment, but it also appeared that he was attempting to point out the irony for how the media treats him even though he didn’t have a war started when he was in office compared to Powell.

Trump added, “He was a classic RINO, if even that, always being the first to attack other Republicans. He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!”

President Joe Biden issued a glowing tweet yesterday on Powell’s passing as well, which makes sense after Powell went to bat for him in the 2020 election.

“Jill and I are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend and a patriot of unmatched honor and dignity, General Colin Powell,” Biden declared.

Biden made it political and appeared to take a jab at Trump in an the next part where he stated, “Time and again, he put country before self, before party, before all else—in uniform and out.”

“He will be remembered as one of our great Americans,” Biden concluded.

It is clear that no matter what transgressions one might have committed, as long as they come out against Trump, they can expect adulation from the “fake news media” and the left.

There may come a day, however, when someone takes the mantle from Trump and he has made it clear that if they are a Republican, he won’t throw them under the bus like Powell did.

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