Candace Owens Tells Leo Terrell ‘Welcome To The Fight’ After He Says Dems Have Accused Him of Being Bribed

Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell announced in July that he is voting for President Trump in November because he said the Democratic party left him. We had written in June about how he said he wasn’t voting for Biden.

Earlier this month, he said one of the reasons he is voting for Trump is that the Democrat party believes “every Black man has to vote for them.” Last week, he showed off hats that were sent to him signed by President Trump.

He tweeted out Friday that Democrats were calling him “offensive and derogatory names.” He wanted them to know that he not received any money for his conversion and that he now knows how other black Trump supporters – Vernon Jones, Larry Elder, and Candace Owens feel.

He tagged Owens in the tweet and she retweeted his tweet and said, “Welcome to the fight!” She confirmed that she also has never taken any money from “the Trump Campaign, the RNC or Fox News” and she gets “called a paid puppet all the time.” She finished by saying “It’s part of the process. #BLEXIT”

Today Terrell threw out a challenge to CNN and MSNBC, asking them to have him on during the GOP Convention this week so he can debate anchors Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid.

He also offered to appear and debate “#Democrats, #Socialists, #BlackLivesMatter , #criminals and #Antifa.” He said he “would like to discuss crime in Democratic cities and defunding the Police.”