‘Cat Turd’ Reminds Alyssa Milano of Selfie with Michael Avenatti, Questions her Character Judgement after she Went After Musk and Tesla

Twitter user Cat Turd trolled Alyssa Milano after she posted she “gave back” her Tesla for a Volkswagen, with the reasoning given of “white supremacy”.

Cat Turd shared a picture of Milano with the former lawyer and now prison inmate Michael Avenatti, the pair were protesting outside the White House in 2018.

Cat Turd captioned the picture, “You’re such a great judge of character”

Cat Turd’s response to Milano highlights the fact that the Nazi party created Volkswagen and still she finds that a better alternative to Elon Musk’s Tesla.

The pair were brought together for their mutual hatred of former President Trump. However, about a year after the protest, Milano disavowed Avenatti after reports alleged he was arrested for domestic violence.

This disavowal didn’t sit well with Avenatti who shot back at Milano… and the “romance” was over.

Milano appears to many to follow whatever irrational idea she has at the moment. This makes for great entertainment for many.

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