CEO of My Pillow Mike Lindell Say’s He is Starting His Own Social Media Platform, Following Twitter Ban

My Pillow CEO and Trump supporter Mike Lindell has announced that he will be starting his own social media platform following his ban from Twitter. tweeted about it see below.

“NEW – MyPillow guy Mike Lindell to launch a social media company after being banned by Twitter.”

Mike Lindell has faced censorship and hatred for his support for former President Donald Trump and for his views on the 2020 election results as he has been called a “conspiracy theorist” and has been permanently banned from Twitter.

Now, Mike Lindell is fighting back against cancel culture, and instead of remaining silent, he is starting his own platform. Lindell said, “every single influencer person on the planet can come there. You’re going to have a platform to speak out.”

Lindell said he has been building this platform for four years. Now that he has been banned he has more incentives to launch this platform.

He could also use the extra source of income as he claims that he has lost 65 million dollars in revenue for his election fraud claims causing a mass boycott of MyPillow.

Lindell said, “We’re launching this big platform so all the voices of our country can come back and start telling it like it is again. You will not need YouTube. You won’t need these places … it will be where everything can be told because we’ve got to get our voices back. People will be able to talk and not walk on eggshells.”

It will be interesting to see how many platforms Lindell makes if any. If he does, perhaps former President Trump will join as he too has been banned from Twitter and is good friends with Mike Lindell.

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