CNN Headquarters in Atlanta Gets Damaged By Rioters as Newsroom Employees Forced to Lockdown

CNN Headquarters in Atlanta were under siege tonight in the 4th night of civil unrest stemming from the death in police custody that occurred in Minneapolis.

Video shows cops trying to quell the riot and “being attacked in lobby” as “newsroom employees are locked down floors above riot.”

Many have been upset to see the images of property and cities being destroyed, but CNN has been one of the news stations that many also see as egging on these protests so they would consider it to be poetic justice.

Trump supporter Mark Dice chimed in saying, “The windows at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta are being smashed in. One might say the chickens have come home to roost.”

Pro-Trump actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams ate food, sipped from a mug, and sang Jingle Bells while watching the carnage unfold. He quipped, “I don’t condone riots but CNN has been very friendly toward rioters so I guess their friends are just saying hi.”