CNN Reporter Breaks Ranks, Says There are Legitimate Questions About Hunter Biden, Infuriating Twitter, Hollywood Lefties

CNN Senior Correspondent Sara Sidner shared a multi-part tweet about Hunter Biden, which drew backlash from Hollywood leftists.

Sidner tweeted, “There are serious questions that should be asked about Hunter Biden. H’s not an elected official but legitimate questions should be asked and answered about his former business dealings and how it was handled by the FBI. This should’nt be a partisan issue. Not to say there has not been some good reporting done by many outlets already.”

She also shared two articles covering the topics at hand involving Hunter Biden.

John Cusack rebutted her thought-provoking tweet with deflecting questions. He asks her about Bill Barr’s ties to Jeffery Epstein, Mueller’s obstruction, lying to congress, and then about Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld’s ties to the war economy. He is giving examples of things he wants to be questioned instead.

“L I k e – what ? Are you gonna ask the same questions about bill bars Ties to Epstein ? Through his daddy ? His obstruction of mueller / Lying to congress – child abduction ? No – how about bush cheny Rumsfeld ties to privatized war economy ? Gimme a break /”

Tim Fullerton who worked for Obama replied to Sidner with, “Can anyone explain to me why this is a story other than the GOP made it one? The only way this is a real story is if somehow Biden somehow did illegal to make his son rich. Do the people at CNN have any evidence that happened? And if they don’t (which they don’t), why cover it?”

Twitter user @WolvesforKamala accused Sidner of changing her tune because of CNN’s new CEO Chris Licht is “cleaning house”.

“Woowwwwwwww, I knew the whole Licht thing was bad but didn’t know it was THIS bad. A real shame, I used to have so much respect for your work”

Offended by the comment Sidner replied, “And one tweet changed that. So how much respect did you have again?”

Licht has been upfront about changing things at the network and so far Brian Stelter, John Harwood and Jeffery Toobin have all seen the exit. Don Lemon has been ruled safe for now and will be toning down the har partisin push.

With new management CNN was bound to see changes as their ratings have been horrendous, Licht has been sent in to improve the network and he is serious. It seems some reporters are smart enough to recognize the tides of change and we may be seeing more of this from others at the network as well.

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