Coeur d’Alene, ID Police Department Opens Investigation into Reports that Genitals Were Exposed at ‘Pride in the Park’

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s office released a press release about allegations about “exposed genitals” at this year’s “Pride in the Park”, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The Kootenai County Sheriff’s office is announcing they are willing to assist in the investigation in the indecent exposure.

The Media Release reads:

The Kootenai County Sherriff’s Office has been made aware of a performance that occurred during the recent Pride in the Park event wherein a dancer’s genitals may have been exposed.

The Coeur d’ Alene Police Department has initiated an investigation into this incident. The Coeur d’ Alene Police Department has primary law enforcement repsosibliites within the city jursitiction and the Kootenai County Sherriff’s Office will assist them in any capacity if requested.

Elenee Dao, a reporter for KXLY Spokane reported on Pride in the Park, sharing information on Twitter:

“Coeur d’Alene’s #Pride in the Park is happening right now. There is an increase in law enforcement today as there are concerns with the Panhandle Patriot’s “Gun d’Alene” event happening nearby. There are those with firearms on the outskirts of the park. @kxly4news

“One mom I spoke says she’s trying to enjoy the event with her kids. She says it’s important to be here, given today’s climate & the laws politicians are trying to pass re: LGBTQ+ rights. To see those walking around with rifles with kids around is unsettling for her. @kxly4news

“The number of counter protesters is growing on the outskirts of the event. They’re singing right now. Some other #pride event goers say they’re not bothered by them and their messages. @kxly4news

“People are enjoying themselves out here, regardless of the protesters. A few people I talked with say this is their first pride festival because of COVID. They’re happy to celebrate their beliefs with others and don’t feel so alone. @kxly4news

Dao reported on the events of the day, however, she did not seem to catch anything about the indecent exposure at the event. She did however highlight the arrest of 31 members of Patriot Front, who were all from out of state on her Twitter feed with many posts.

The video below was shared by Liberty Dogs, captioned “Here’s the video of North Idaho Pride Alliance hiring an OnlyFans internet prostitute and children giving him tip money. How is this not against the law?”, viewer discression is advised:

We are not aware if the above performer is the one who allegedly exposed themselves, all that is pointed out in the Liberty Dogs post is the fact that the dancer who was hired by North Idaho Pride Alliance has an OnlyFans page and was given “tip” money from the performance.

It appears from the website that twelve prefomers were planned for the event and preformed their acts on the stage in the park.

On June 11th, Idaho Tribune reported that multiple members of Antifa were arrested on the same day as Pride in the Park event. Idaho Tribune also shared screenshots from Twitter verifying that Antifa members were being “Rounded Up” in Coeur d’Alene

Some on the left like the mother mentioned above in Dao’s tweets believe they are doing something good, being paraphrased as saying by Dao “trying to enjoy the event with her kids. She says it’s important to be here, given today’s climate & the laws politicians are trying to pass re: LGBTQ+ rights”.

It seems that increasingly in the month of June, since it was deemed “Pride Month” by former President Obama, more and more young children are exposed to things that are found to be unacceptable by many on the right.

The pressure from the media to accept things that go against conservative Christian values seems to increase every year. Fox News has even been pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda by some standards with segments like the one we reported on earlier, about a young transgender child who was transitioned by their parents before they were a teenager.

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