Congressional Candidate Teddy Daniels Offers to Buy Bottle of Bourbon for Man Who Stood Up to BLM Rioters Blocking Traffic

U.S. Congressional candidate from Pennsylvania Teddy Daniels has tweeted earlier today, “Can somebody find this man please???? He gets a bottle of aged bourbon… on me!!!!!”. The tweet also included a retweet with a video of a man confronting BLM who was blocking traffic in Plano, Texas.

The police in the video are not addressing the people blocking traffic, but do approach the man who just wants the road cleared so he can be on his way.

The protest took place on May 2nd, Newsweek claims the protest was to “honor the life of Marvin Scott III, a 26-year-old Black man who died in March while in police custody at a Texas jail.” In the video you see the man confront those blocking traffic. The man is visibly upset and heads straight for the police officer. The man demands that the police get the people out of the way.

The officer seems to be trying to calm the man down while ignoring the crowd blocking traffic. The crowd starts to head towards the man. The police officer then steps in between the man and the crowd. The officer starts walking the man back away from the crowd. A woman in an SUV opens her door and starts flailing her hands angrily toward the man who confronted the police officer about the crowd.

The officer continues to walk the man back, while members of the crowd who appear to be some sort of leadership for the crowd direct the crowd away from the man. The police officer and the man continue to talk while the crowd starts to yell “Black Lives Matter!”

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed into HB1 “Combating Public Disorder” also known as the “Anti-Riot Bill”. The bill greatly increases law enforcement’s powers to crack down on civil unrest. It seems in many states police officer’s hands may be tied when it comes to handling civil unrest, or simply unblocking a road. Sometimes it’s the police chief or mayor directly issuing stand-down orders.

As we previously reported, “Following a summer of unrest in 2020 and more riots starting as the Derek Chauvin case is coming to a close. With another black man killed by an incident with police, some Republicans are trying to crack down on rioting and are being strong on crime.

Among these Republicans is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has been no friend of rioters or the media and has signed into law an anti-rioting bill, HB 1, that was recently passed by both chambers in the Florida legislature. Both the upper and lower chambers of the Florida legislature are controlled by a Republican majority.”

The bill sends the message not in my state from Ron DeSantis and the Florida Republican Legislature. Daniels clearly stands behind those who want to end the riots and disruption of everyday life, which is starting to become a norm in many parts of the country.

Stay tuned to Media Right News for potential updates in this situation and others like it.

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