Governor Ron DeSantis Takes a Stand Against Radical Leftist, Signs an ‘Anti-Rioting Bill’ into Law

Following a summer of unrest in 2020 and more riots starting as the Derek Chauvin case is coming to a close. With another black man killed by an incident with police, some Republicans are trying to crack down on rioting and are being strong on crime.

Among these Republicans is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has been no friend of rioters or the media and has signed into law an anti-rioting bill, HB 1, that was recently passed by both chambers in the Florida legislature. Both the upper and lower chambers of the Florida legislature are controlled by a Republican majority.

In January the bill was introduced into Florida’s lower chamber, the house of representatives, finally last Thursday the Florida Senate passed the bill moving it to Governor DeSantis’ desk for signature.

Local Florida news station, reported the measure of this bill, “Make it more difficult for cities and counties to reduce funding for law enforcement, allowing local elected officials to challenge those budget decisions, and giving the state power to approve or amend the local budget:

-Allow those local governments to be sued if they fail to stop a riot

-Define “riot” as a violent public disturbance involving 3 or more people acting with common intent resulting in injury to others, damage to property, or the imminent danger of injury or damage

-Enhance penalties for people who commit crimes during a riot

-Create a new second-degree felony called an “aggravated riot,” which occurs when the riot has more than 25 participants, causes great bodily harm or more than $5,000 in property damage, uses or threatens to use a deadly weapon, or blocks roadways by force or threat of force.”

As you can see this bill is strong on crime, which more Republicans should take note of, as a provision of this bill, it will prevent riots and punish those who choose to riot in Florida’s streets.

State Senator Danny Burgess (R-FL) who sponsored the bill commented on it saying, “Not only did we do that to put the public on notice as to what constitutes a riot, but also to make it clear to both protester and law enforcement where that line in the law is drawn,”.

We will have to see how this all plays out. With Governor DeSantis up for re-election in 2022 in a state that seems to be trending more and more red.

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