Conservative Citizen Journalist Featured on Fox News Savanah Hernandez Unsuspended on Twitter

Savanah Hernandez has been unsuspended on Twitter. Hernandez was suspended from Twitter after former President Trump retweeted a video she shared on Twitter of Americans singing the “Star Spangled Banner” at a March in Washington D.C. in 2020.

Hernandez shared her gratitude to Musk for restoring her account:

“2 years ago Twitter decided to ban me without reason after Pres. Trump retweeted this clip. For 2 years my reporting has been banned from this platform Thank you @elonmusk for spending 44 billion so independent journalists like myself can no longer be silenced I am so grateful”

Andy Ngo shared on Twitter the news that she has been brought back calling her “One of the most important American video journalists”.

“One of the most important American video journalists @sav_says_ is back on Twitter after being suspended in 2020. She captured dozens of viral videos from coast to coast showing the violence & extremism of the far-left.”

Ashely St. Claire shared a video from Hernandez which explained her situation. She was banned from Twitter three times “after breaking national news.” A month after her “permanent” ban she was given “account evasion” as the reason for having her account removed from Twitter in 2020.

She also had a Twitter account for her podcast suspended after an interview with a swimmer speaking out against Lia Thompson’s participation in women’s college swimming. The interview went viral and two days later the podcast account was suspended for “account evasion”

She then made a third account and this one was as well suspended.

St. Claire captioned the video:

“.@elonmusk You NEED to see this Independent reporter Savanah Hernandez was targeted by Twitter employees every time she broke national news Her career-long efforts no longer exist & Twitter refused to explain why. I encourage ALL to listen to her story”

Even with Twitter’s removal of her accounts, Hernandez continued to work at covering different topics that are seemingly ignored by the mainstream media. Below is an interview she gave to Steve Hilton about her investigation into the happenings at the southern border.

With the restoration of her original account on Twitter, we expect to see more from her there. Musk promised a free speech platform where ideas can be exchanged it seems this is another move in that direction.

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