Conservatives Mock Biden For Sharing Tone-Deaf Picture of Himself in a Gas-Powered Convertible After Administration Previously Touted Savings on New Electric Vehicle Purchases

Joe Biden was mocked yesterday by conservatives for sharing a tone-deaf picture of himself in a gas-powered convertible.

Biden recently signed a bill that gives tax breaks to those who purchase electric vehicles and multiple Democrat-led states have set a date for the elimination of new production of gas-powered vehicles.

In the tweet, Biden declared, “Get in, folks. We’re building a better America.”

Conservative commentator Tim Young quipped in response, “This is a picture from back when Joe Biden still remembered his own name.”

Trump supporter Brick Suit mentioned the fact that the car was gas powered as he replied, “Take note everyone. That is NOT an electric car.”

Former GOP congressional candidate Jason Roberge noted, “I have to be honest, this is pretty offensive to people by throwing it in their faces.”

“Just because you can afford $6/gallon gas doesn’t mean everyone else can,” Roberge added.

As we previously reported, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre explained how Americans could save with the Inflation Reduction Act.

“Americans can receive a tax credit of up to $7,500 for purchasing a new electric vehicle,” Jean-Pierre explained at the time.

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