Convicted Cop-Killer Richard Rivera Appointed to Assist in Leading Police Reform in New York

Richard Rivera, who is a convicted cop-killer and historically a dangerous criminal, spent 39 years in prison following him being found guilty of killing an NYPD officer in 1981. Now that he is out of prison, he has been appointed to a group called, “Reimagining Public Safety”.

Now cleary, the family of Mr. Walsh, who was the police officer that Rivera shot and killed in a bar, would probably not appreciate their loved one’s murderer being involved in reforming prison and policing in New York.

The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York released a tweet disapproving of this announcement saying, “Who helped create plan to dismantle the Ithaca Police Department? The killer of NYPD hero P.O. Robert Walsh. Lynch: “It’s the ultimate disrespect to his service and sacrifice.”

As expected, Walsh’s son, Robert Walsh Jr., wasn’t happy with this news saying, “We’re completely shocked that the man who murdered my father is being trusted to create police reforms,”.

He also went on. “My father dedicated his life to serving and protecting New Yorkers. He should be the one serving on a panel to help reimagine policing, but he’ll never get that chance.”

It is not crazy to ask why a cop-killer or any murder should be on a committee to “Reimagine Public Safety” nor should he be freed from prison. This decision has still not been reversed, which is an insult to all Walsh family members and friends.

Breaking 911 reported on this saying, “Back in 1981, 16-year-old Richard Rivera shot and killed an off-duty NYPD officer, Robert Walsh, in a Queens bar.

Rivera and four others initiated a robbery at the bar. Walsh identified himself as a cop to Rivera, and when Walsh reached for his gun, Rivera shot him in the shoulder and then the head, killing him.

We will have to see if the decision is finally reversed as no cop-killer should have any place in deciding how to reimagine public safety.

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