Dan Bongino Says ‘Obama Knew’ the Whole Time and That He Has ‘Managed to Skate’

Speaking on Fox and Friends this morning, Dan Bongino went hard after former President Obama while talking about his role in the Michael Flynn case. He tweeted out a clip of his interview earlier with the words “OBAMA KNEW.” He also referenced the trending Twitter hashtag, Obamagate.

In another part of the interview, Bongino said, “The POTUS, an acronym for president of the United States, wants to know everything we’re doing. The president was Barack Obama. He knew. He knew the whole time and he has managed to skate. That’s why he is panicked and that’s why his team is leaking this audio.”

He called the former president’s comments “significant because we have a body of evidence right now that Obama knew. If you are a journalist or a media representative and you are not asking the question right now, ‘What did Obama know and when did Obama know it?’ You seriously need to find a new line of work,” Bongino continued.

What do you think the FBI was Talking About ? Making Brownies ?

Obama knew about the case ! The POTUS, Wants to Know Everything We’re Doing ! That’s why he is Panicked ! & that’s why his team is leaking this audio.

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