Dan Crenshaw Fined $42k by FEC Over Campaign Finance Violations

U.S. House Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has been fined by the FEC for violating federal campaign finance rules.

The news broke Friday when FEC officials disclosed they had fined Crenshaw’s campaign $42,000, as the campaign had failed to give back $223,460.26 in “illegal donations” from the 2020 election cycle.

The donations came from 125 individuals as well as one non-qualified action committee, one qualified multicandidate committee, four corporations, and three LLCs.

The documents showed the commission found “reason to believe” Crenshaw’s campaign committee and treasurer Paul Kilgore violated federal law by “knowingly accepting excessive and prohibited corporate contributions,” according to ‘Breitbart’.

The fine comes as part of a conciliation agreement the FEC made with Crenshaw’s campaign in November.

A spokesman for Crenshaw’s campaign told Breitbart, “Unfortunately this often happens when campaigns receive thousands of online donations and checks in a short period. We can only process them so quickly. Sometimes donors send more than they are supposed to. We refund them the money, but that takes time. We weren’t fast enough for the FEC deadlines.”

Crenshaw is notable for the eyepatch he wears. He has also taken many opportunities to voice his opinions on mainstream media making him a very visible part of the Republican party. Crenshaw is currently gunning for Chair of the Homeland security Committee, he recently traveled to the southern border with Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Crenshaw seems to fall in line with McCarthy’s part of the Republican party. Many people like Crenshaw while others view him as part of the “swamp”, one who attempts to grift on the America First wing of the Republican party.

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