Dan Crenshaw Trashes Brave Republicans Fed Up with the Status Quo, Calls Kevin McCarthy’s Dissenters ‘Terrorists’

U.S. House Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is getting major reactions on Twitter for a recent outburst. Crenshaw is telling people how he really feels about wanting good representation and small government. The 20 and possibly 21 Republican house members dissenting against U.S. House Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for speaker of the house are wanting to represent the people who elected them.

Most Republican voters want less government spending. Many want Joe Biden impeached, which McCarthy already said he isn’t interested in doing. Crenshaw is not only sticking to his “swampy” vote, he’s lashing out at anyone who supports change and calls 20 Republicans, fellow elected representatives in congress in the United States of America, “terrorists.

Many on Twitter are furious and are reacting accordingly as you can see below.

“Rep. Dan Crenshaw on the 20 Republicans who oppose McCarthy: “We cannot let the terrorists win.”

“I’m sorry to inform you that Dan Crenshaw now views his fellow House members as terrorists – which means he’ll probably try to arm them in an illegal proxy war after putting them on the CIA payroll!”

“Dan Crenshaw just said that he doesn’t think Americans care about who’s on what committee or who gets more power this week. Absolutely ridiculous and pretty condescending. A lot of people care.”

“WTH, Dan Crenshaw called the 20 not voting for McCarthy terrorist on live radio. “We cannot let the terrorists win. That’s basically what’s happening.” (He’s compromised)”

“This is reckless, harmful, and inappropriate from Crenshaw. He knows better.”

“Dan Crenshaw is a warmongering establishment pompous nut who cares more about funneling weapons into Ukraine than about addressing our border crises”

Catch up more:

In our view:

Many people feel McCarthy is not a good steward of U.S. tax dollars and in some instances appears more worried than other nations than he is about the United States.

He looks and sounds the part and even has a halfhearted endorsement from former President Donald Trump on paper. But he isn’t passing the smell test and is losing the confidence of Republican voters in a big way.


  1. What is this liberal Democrat even DOING in the Republican party to begin with?

    Time for some conservative “litmus tests” to prove you have conservative values before being allowed to run for an office under the Republican banner… there’s FAR to many poison pill liberals in the party these days destroying the party.

  2. He’ll turn into a McConnell in a heartbeat. Welcome America, to the Uniparty.

  3. Lot of tough talk for a guy that lost an eye in a bukkake session gone wrong with a bunch of seamen, according to talk around McP”s (appropriately named for Seals, btw). Also, isn’t this a traitor calling a terrorist out? Yeah.

    1. I wish Lauren Bobert would poke his other eye out. He can’t see anything with it anyhow.

  4. crenshaw may have lost his eye on the battlefield, but he lost his g-n-ds during his exploits on Epstein Island…..Just sayin.’

  5. I trust Nancy Pelosi more than I trust Dan Crenshaw and that’s saying a LOT.

  6. Tom Cotton, Elise Stephanik, Dan Crenshaw, Gregg Abbott, Mayor Pete, Justin Trudeau, and Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, all belong to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. A few “entertainers” that belong to the WEF include John Legend, Leonardo DiCaprio, and will.i.am, just to name a few. This is a group that believes, because they have money or access to power, they can tell the rest of us what we can have or can’t have and we’ll be happy about it. Being depopulationists, they also believe they have the right to decide who lives and who dies.

    1. Yeah, Tom Cotton brain is for sure a traitor, ex military or not, he needs to be gone. But here in Arkansas, we seem to like the rino scum, we’ve got two of them, Mr. cotton for brains, and the democrat masquerading as a republican, John Boozman.
      Donald Trump endorsed the Boozman trash when we had a couple of real maga candidates, but Trump endorsed the democrat instead.

      1. Yep. I like Tulsi Gabbard because she (supposedly) renounced her affiliation with the WEF and condemned their agenda. Military service notwithstanding, her congressional voting record says it all. Just another lib.

  7. EYE-PATCH McCain! I LOVE IT! Freaking RINO…

  8. Better a “domestic terrorist” than a RINO, globalist, traitor.

  9. No question, we are ruled by a totally corrupt ‘uni-party’. Calling fellow Americans who love their country enough to stand up for what is right, is inexcusable.

  10. I wish Lauren Bobert would poke his other eye out. He can’t see anything with it anyhow.

  11. The republican party is dead and buried, it’s just democrats with a different name.
    If Trump wasn’t a fake, he would have started a third party and anybody wanting to run in the new party would have to sign a pledge to support the conservative platform.
    There’s no way to clean up the rino party. Trump’s biggest mistake was not killing the mostly dead republican party when the time was right.
    We’re now to a point where there’s no way to fix anything, that only leaves a civil war.
    Elections are so corrupt, that thinking it can be voted on to fix it is fiction.

  12. McCarthy is backed by Pence & every RINO. That says a lot,

  13. I hope he gets primaried by a well known republican. Also in Ohio’s so called conservative republican house all the democrats voted for a so called “Moderate” republican to be speaker and overrode the vote for a conservative republican to be speaker.

  14. People are sick of the filth and corruption in both parties. Israel raped. Murdered and blackmailed America with mossad Epstein op. Trump is as guilt as the Clinton’s he never arrested nor ever intended to evidenced by the installation of all swamp things like Jeffy Sessions then Bill Epstein connected Barr. Crenshaw slurps the dingus of our enemy Israel like warp speed Trump does. These slime should be executed accordingly

  15. Just goes to show that just because you were a navy seal doesn’t mean you can’t be an asshole

  16. Hopefully he can be tied to the election fraud treason.

  17. Only seated since 2019 and already worth 2.1 million, which was presumably Not earned while in the military. Should be pretty clear who this guy works for, and it ain’t we the people.

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