Dan Crenshaw Turns on Trump, Says He Should Not ‘Further Amplify’ Election Transition Concerns with ‘Unclear Statements’

Many Republicans in Texas and around the nation think Dan Crenshaw is just the bee’s knees. The Texas Republican U.S. House Rep is a slick speaker and loved far and wide for his service to the nation. But if only it were that simple.

Even though he has been previously exposed for shenanigans such as pushing red-flag gun confiscation laws, supported tearing down certain monuments in our nation’s capital (even voted for it with Nancy Pelosi) simply because they were ‘Democrats’ and hasn’t always been fond of President Trump’s hardline rhetoric, many don’t care, or know.

You see, if you’re a Republican, everyone is entitled to mistakes. But you should always follow trends. And this post from Congressman Crenshaw put out this morning is cause for concern if you are a Trump supporter. Dan not only tweeted but screenshotted a tweet and put on his Facebook a harsh criticism of President Trump.

But was it a criticism that President Trump needs to be harder on violent rioters, or some other encouraging push from the right that might be understandable? No, it was a show of doubt for his re-election odds and a condemnation of President Trump’s rhetoric on what Trump perceives to be the potential for voter fraud related to mass mail-in votes. We aren’t making claims to that either way in this story, but rather alluding to Crenshaw’s criticism of Trump here. He posted:

“There will be a peaceful transition of, or continuation of, power. There must be.” This part puts the possibility of President Trump losing the election first in the sentence with “transition of” before “continuation of”, in our view.

He goes on, “I think those inflaming worries that there won’t be are being disingenuous, and I think the President should not further amplify those concerns with unclear statements”. There it is, he is saying President Trump is making unclear statements about the transition of power should he lose the election.

Is there truth to that? That is in the eye of the voter. But why is Crenshaw highlighting it during a time that he should be doing everything in his power to help get Trump re-elected? Time and time again these politicians who claim to support Trump like to do these popularity tests to see if they can get in little jabs on Trump and still keep their own popularity.

It is speculated by many in the GOP activist community that Dan wants to run for higher office one day and has been wooing so-called Republicans who may not actually like President Trump or his style. See post below:

Jim Jordan, House Rep. and Republican from Ohio on the other hand, pushed just about the opposite notion than Crenshaw, implying that it’s not President Trump who is the problem. But will Jim point out colleague Dan’s strange assertions?

It’s not that he’s obligated to but it would be a show of confidence if he did. President Trump needs every Republican on board 100% if he’s going to be able to instill confidence for the GOP to turn and legally and safely re-elect him.

We reported earlier this morning in part:

Many in the media and on the left have been trying to make a big deal out whether President Trump would accept the results if he lost and if he would leave the White House.

House Judiciary Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) eviscerated the idea this morning in a tweet by listing out examples of Democrats contesting this election and the last and asked, “But President Trump is the threat?

“Give me a break,” he concluded.

See Jordan’s tweet:

It seems to be a tale of two messages in the GOP establishment and if President Trump does get re-elected, many will be watching for who was the most loyal and who turned on him when the time was worst. Some are hedging their bets, and some are going all in. We’ll soon see which pays off.

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