Dan Crenshaw’s Republican Opponent Mike Billand Demands he Return $35K from ‘Woke’ Companies Like Delta Airlines to Put His Money Where His Mouth is

More hypocrisy from supposed Republican U.S. House Rep Dan Crenshaw? Blue collar Texan Mike Billand, who is vying for Dan’s seat in the upcoming Republican primary thinks so.

Billand is calling Dan out once again. Before it was over undisclosed stock trading allegations, and now Billand is claiming that Crenshaw takes load of money from the ‘woke’ companies he claims to be standing up against now.

“If @DanCrenshawTX is truly “anti-woke” and truly supports the American People, he should return the contributions he’s received from these companies. Returning the $35K he received from the Airlines would be a good start!” Billand tweeted out this morning. The image appears to show donations from American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and some other airline associated donations.

We do know that Delta and American have railed against Georgia’s proposed nominally better voter integrity laws. Many “whataboutist” Republicans have whined on Twitter about how big corporations should not get involved politically. But if people like Crenshaw, who have let Republicans down in so many other ways, take money from companies posing as pseudo-government entities, can Americans trust them at all?

Crenshaw rails against “woke” corporations:

“Never forget the woke corporations and sports leagues that believe you’re too stupid to get an ID to vote.”

Previously we spoke with Mike about other reasons why he wants to run against Dan “Red Flag Law” Crenshaw (who has turned on former President Donald Trump on multiple occasions) and he told us in part:

Billand tells Media Right News that what’s different about him is that he’s a blue-collar American who works hard and doesn’t plan to be beholden to ideologies backed by large corporations and special interest groups that plague both parties. Billand wants to represent the people of Texas’ Second District, and the United States first, before anything else.

This is a commonly used mantra by many politicians, but often they don’t mean it, and it appears that Billand is genuine to us. Billand says that he doesn’t come from money, and has worked hard for what he has, and is a business and finance-minded individual.

He has been passionate about politics for about 6 years and feels it’s time to get involved. He believes Dan Crenshaw has really turned out to be a ‘RINO’ and wants to give people another option. Born in Baltimore, Billand is now a Houston resident and wants it to be known that there’s no place other than Texas he’d rather live…

…When it comes to social justice and “woke” culture from the left, he told us this, “you can’t legislate economic equality” Billand thinks that with economic positions like Trump’s, all groups of Americans would do better, and without pitting people against each other by dividing them by race, sex, or other classes that the left, and even some on the right like to do.

Time will tell if Crenshaw responds or keep on going fleecing his Texan constituents. Soon we will see just how anti-woke Crenshaw really is, or isn’t.