Wendy Rogers and AZ Senate Pass Bill Keeping the Federal Government out of Their Elections

Freshman Republican State Senator Wendy Rogers, (AZ) celebrated on Twitter the recent passage of a bill Wednesday afternoon led by herself and the Arizona State Senate Republicans. This is yet another bill aimed at what GOP members of the legislature call “election integrity” which some Republicans claim is lacking nationwide.

“Glad to vote for and pass a great #ElectionIntegrity bill – HCR2023, a House Concurrent Resolution that tells the Feds to stay away from how Arizona handles our elections.”

With a party-line vote, HCR2023 passed by a 16-14 vote and will now be sent to the governor’s desk to more than likely be signed into law.

Since Senator Rogers has gotten into office, she has fought to pass bills in which she believes will strengthen the security of our elections and provide them with integrity. Numerous bills have been passed however, the other parts of the Arizona State government have refused to act on them leaving them dead in the water.

Republicans can only hope these bills are passed by the legislature and signed by the governor who many members of the GOP have called a “RINO” for his anti-trump bias.

The Arizona Senate, with the help of Rogers, passed HB2569 by a party-line vote (16-14) and Rogers claimed it would keep Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from “meddling” in Arizona elections.

“I just voted for and we passed HB2569. Prohibits the state or other public body that conducts or administers elections from receiving or expending private monies for the purpose of preparing, administering or conducting an election. No more election meddling by Zuckerberg!”

We will have to see if these bills do become law, or are once again neglected by the rest of the state.

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