EXCLUSIVE: America First Candidate Mike Billand Tells Us Why He’s Running Against ‘RINO’ Dan Crenshaw, Who Turned on Donald Trump

Previously we reported that U.S. House Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) appeared to have drawn a primary challenger for his seat in Texas’ Republican-leaning Second District. At the time we did not have a whole lot of information, but there had been a filing for Mike Billand’s candidacy on the FEC website.

We have spoken exclusively to Billand and have more information to tell you about his campaign, why he’s running, and what he stands for. Billand has made it a point to acknowledge that his district has a broad spectrum of voters and he wants to represent the largest possible amount of them if they support him in his run.

Nevertheless, Billand is a strong supporter of President Trump’s and feels Crenshaw has abandoned the concept of representing his constituents in his quest for popularity on a national level. This coupled with Crenshaw’s partnering up with former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who has also signaled she no longer supports Donald Trump, adds to a level of distrust among many Republicans in Texas and around the nation as well.

Although Crenshaw represents the Second District of Texas, he has a large national platform and many around the nation feel he has fooled people into believing he was something he actually isn’t. Crenshaw often ran in the same circles as former President Trump’s strongest supporters but was faster to criticize Trump than most other GOP Congressman. He also voted with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and against Confederate monuments. Billand is against removing historical monuments.

Crenshaw also appears to be a pro-war Republican, something many in both parties have grown weary of. He has also signaled support for ‘Red Flag’ laws to confiscate guns from people who have not committed a crime that would warrant such confiscation. Many are hungry for new leadership, despite Crenshaw’s large platform on social media and with establishment Republicans like Nikki Haley.

Billand tells Media Right News that what’s different about him is that he’s a blue-collar American who works hard and doesn’t plan to be beholden to ideologies backed by large corporations and special interest groups that plague both parties. Billand wants to represent the people of Texas’ Second District, and the United States first, before anything else.

This is a commonly used mantra by many politicians, but often they don’t mean it, and it appears that Billand is genuine to us. Billand says that he doesn’t come from money, and has worked hard for what he has, and is a business and finance-minded individual.

He has been passionate about politics for about 6 years and feels it’s time to get involved. He believes Dan Crenshaw has really turned out to be a ‘RINO’ and wants to give people another option. Born in Baltimore, Billand is now a Houston resident and wants it to be known that there’s no place other than Texas he’d rather live.

Despite this, he is also proud of his time spent attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well. Billand is quite pleased with the policies Donald Trump enacted as president, and if given the chance, would like to help continue pushing that agenda.

When it comes to social justice and “woke” culture from the left, he told us this, “you can’t legislate economic equality” Billand thinks that with economic positions like Trump’s, all groups of Americans would do better, and without pitting people against each other by dividing them by race, sex, or other classes that the left, and even some on the right like to do.

He is especially displeased with the way Obamacare affected small businesses in a negative way and wants to work to make the healthcare system more friendly to those who want to start small businesses.

On immigration, Billand feels that many patriotic American immigrants who have come to the U.S. do contribute to what makes the country great, although the current system we have is broken and disproportionately affects American workers, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. He is firmly “against illegal immigration” and would support the merit-based system President Trump has talked about when considering new immigration policy.

He does feel American workers need to be thought of first. He is also “against any illegitimate claims to asylum,” he tells us, and that that is part of the problem with the system we have currently.

On the student loan debt crisis, Billand believes in personal responsibility first, but also acknowledges that colleges, many of which are seen as liberal indoctrination centers, are charging way too much with regard to inflation and should be held accountable to some degree for any upcoming crisis instead of U.S. taxpayers. Recently he tweeted out at Squad member and U.S. House Rep Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) in regards to her call to simply cancel student loan debt:

“What about all the Americans who worked hard to pay off their student loans? What about the exponential increase in higher Ed. that drastically outpaces inflation? Hold Universities accountable, not the American Taxpayer.”

He also has this strong message about the system that many feel is unfair and corrupt:

“The very core of our founding was the overthrowing of a corrupt, elitist, class. Who left our founding fathers with no other reasonable course of action than to declare independence. We must take back our country, liberty, and freedom of conscience. Vote them out.”

We will have to stay tuned to see what plans are next for Billand to get the word out and as he gets his campaign going. Crenshaw is up for re-election in 2022. Billand recently got on Twitter and has begun to post there to start building a following and show people what he is about. You can also visit here to donate to his campaign.

As for former President Trump, he hasn’t announced or denied a run for 2024 yet but is expected to play a large role in the elections in 2022. Trump is angry with the likes of Crenshaw, Haley, and McConnell, and we will likely see him support some America First candidates even more than before.