David Hogg Believes Trump’s ‘Coyotes’ Reference Is a ‘Level of Xenophobia’ That ‘Is Sickening’

Yesterday, we reported on gun control activist David Hogg calling for a “mass education campaign” to teach people to spot and avoid “misinformation.”

Many are now calling the “March 4 Our Lives” co-founder a spreader of “misinformation” himself.

In a tweet during the presidential debate, Hogg said, “Imagine calling the immigrant parents that bring their children to the United States for a better life ‘Coyotes.’ The level of xenophobia is sickening.”

As “journalist” Sophia Narwitz pointed out, many people who are verified by Twitter really had trouble with the “coyotes” reference, with many not appearing to be aware of what a “coyote” is.

As Marketwatch pointed out, “coyote” is a common term for human smugglers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Although they referenced a study that said many of those that are separated were believed to have came over with at least one parent, they also noted that a 2019 study by the Rand Corp. found coyotes can charge between $6,000 and $10,000 per person to smuggle into the U.S., often via dangerous crossings in the desert.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher and conservative activist Curt Schilling criticized Hogg for his attempt to twist of the dangers of these human smugglers or ignorance on what the term “coyote” means.

“And this idiot gets to vote” and “Yes, Harvard does in fact accept idiots,” Schilling responded to Hogg, referencing the fact that the former Parkland student is now attending the Ivy League University.

Senior legal advisor to President Trump, Jenna Ellis, mocked Hogg by quoting a previous position he had taken, “SiXtEeN yEaR oLdS sHoUlD vOtE.”

In June of 2019, Hogg said “RT if you support lowering the voting age to 16.”