Dem Rep Attempts to Exploit Buffalo Massacre By Pressuring GOP Leaders to Condemn the ‘Replacement Theory’

U.S. House Rep Ted Lieu (D-CA) is now parroting left-wing media talking points as he attempts to exploit Saturday’s Buffalo, NY massacre by pressuring GOP leaders to condemn the “Replacement theory.”

“Why are @GOPLeader and MAGA Republican @EliseStefanik refusing to condemn the vile, racist and anti-Semitic replacement theory? #mondaythoughts” Lieu wondered in a quote tweet of the Daily Beast’s Wajahat Ali.

In his tweet, Ali declared, “All Republicans have to do is say they renounce the white supremacist replacement theory and condemn it.”

“And they can’t. Tells you everything about the modern GOP. What more do you need to see?” Ali wondered.

Prior to that, Lieu shared a statement from Chair of the House Republican Conference Elise Stefanik where she slammed the “disgraceful, dishonest, and dangerous media smears.”

“Great Replacement Theory is a vile, racist and false conspiracy theory that the Buffalo murderer relied upon. GOP Rep Elise Stefanik ran ads promoting it,” Lieu claimed in the quote tweet.

Lieu then asked, “Rep @EliseStefanik has now issued a statement and nowhere does she say ‘I condemn replacement theory.’ Why?”

Yesterday, Lieu directed his grievances at Fox News in a quote tweet of leftist journo Brian Tyler Cohen.

Cohen reported, “NEW: Fox News is now blaming video games for mass shootings like those in Buffalo and Laguna Woods, with a host saying that they’ve become ‘so realistic and so violent’ that they’ve ‘de-sensitized’ people to violence.”

Lieu responded, “Dear @FoxNews: So tell me, what replacement theory video game are you referring to? Or perhaps it’s actually the replacement theory content on your shows that may be the problem?”

As we previously reported, Candace Owens slammed the mainstream media in a tweet for trying to use the massacre “to attack Tucker Carlson.”