Elon Musk Applauds ‘Good Move’ By Netflix to Draw the Line With Woke Employees After Tom Fitton Credits Him With an Assist

Over the weekend, it was reported that Netflix told its employees in a memo to leave the company if they’re offended by the content the company is producing.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton tweeted about the news, “.@Netflix Inc. has a new message for its employees: Be prepared to work on content you may not agree with. And if you don’t like that, you can quit.”

Fitton then added that he thinks “@ElonMusk seems to be having an impact beyond @Twitter.”

After being tagged in the tweet by Fitton, Musk responded not long thereafter, “Good move by @netflix.”

Popular conservative Twitter user “Catturd” replied to Musk and declared that “The ridiculous woke BS is over. Any company catering to their madness will go bankrupt.”

As we previously noted, although there was a partial “win” with the right-wing culture war when Dave Chappelle’s controversial comedy bit was allowed to stand, many radical left-wing programs are still on Netflix as well. So if being neutral is a win, perhaps it’s a very small win.

An op-ed in the New York Post yesterday said that “We’re finally getting to a point where Americans have had enough of woke speech policing and censorship.”

“The ‘Words are violence’ crowd had been winning for so long that it seemed inevitable their conformist demands would continue to be met,” the op-ed pointed out.

Whether we do ultimately see a shift or not will likely depend on what events occur, for example, the Buffalo shooting massacre was likely a step back.

Leftists are sure to try to seize upon that to try to do some more canceling of those on the right and many already have, as we reported yesterday.