Democrat Joe Manchin Gives up Game, Tells Biden it’s Time to Uncancel the Keystone XL Pipeline

Well, folks, it’s the battle of the Joes so to speak. one Joe who’s dead set on ruining the country and another Joe in the wrong party but acting like he’s in the other party because he holds a statewide seat in Trump country West Virginia. Can you guess which Joe is which?

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) wants Joe Biden to admit he was wrong about canceling the Keystone XL pipeline that was approved by former President Donald Trump. He wants Biden to bring it back.

It will be a hard pill to swallow for Biden to admit he was wrong and reverse course, but we predict oil prices will continue to be volatile if he doesn’t. Fact-checkers don’t allow you to say that canceling the pipeline made oil prices rise.

But I’d like to know how much experience trading futures markets those left-leaning fact-checkers have. Manchin said yesterday: “I continue to call on President Biden to responsibly increase energy production here at home and to reverse course to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built which would have provided our country with up to 900,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada, one of our closest allies.” he continued:

“To be clear, this is about American energy independence and the fact that hard-working Americans should not depend on foreign actors, like OPEC+, for our energy security and instead focus on the real challenges facing our country’s future.”

Biden is calling to “investigate oil companies” and release some of the U.S. strategic reserves. But there are reports that OPEC may just dial back on production instead. See our earlier scoop on how it appears the Biden/Harris regime is panicking:

Unless the U.S. becomes energy independent again like we were under Trump, we won’t be able to control oil prices with investigations and releases of the reserves in our view.

Democrats have been furious that Manchin has been a monkey wrench in Biden’s so-called presidency. But if Manchin doesn’t do what West Virginians want, he may not get re-elected.