Dems Panic After ‘Nothing Burger’ Transcript, Turn Their Anger to Bill Barr

Democrats are scrambling for something to hold on to. This morning President surprised the Democrats who are hell-bent on impeachment over a whistleblower phone call report. The anonymous source reported secondhand knowledge of a phone call President Trump had with the Ukranian President about Joe Biden. In the release this morning, there was no quid-pro-quo as the Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) were hoping for.

Although the left is not dropping their screams to further their impeachment inquiry probe that was officially commenced yesterday by Pelosi after pressure from AOC, they are scrambling for their best angle to keep the faux outrage alive and also try to distract from whether or not presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter are actually involved in any type of scandal themselves.

In the transcripts released this morning, President Trump told the Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky that he was going to ask AG Bill Barr to call him in regards to the matter of the Joe Biden situation. Since there was no quid-pro-quo, and although Bill Barr denies any involvement, the Democrats are looking to blame him and get him involved in their accusations of impropriety.

It almost seems like they left doesn’t care about whether or not anyone did anything legally wrong, but rather who they can convince to be outraged along with him in hope that something tangible emerges. If nothing tangible does they are probably hoping that enough outrage will carry the masses to want to impeach President Trump anyway.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D) has called for Barr to recuse himself at the very minimum from the Ukranian investigation if there is any.


The U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D) who has struggled in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary polls recently. tweeted out her anger at Bill Barr. She says that because President Trump ‘dragged him into this mess’ he must recuse himself. It’s funny that she didn’t even accuse Barr of any wrongdoing, simply guilt by association with someone else, who also hasn’t been proven to have done anything wrong either. Amazing how far the faux outrage can take these icons out on a tangent to keep their base enraged and pitching in the big dollars to the DNC!


Twitter user ‘WA For Warren’ tweeted a response to CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s tweet of images from the transcript release saying “Paging Bill Barr.”

Many other left-wing icons are talking about the Bill Barr angle as it’s sure to be a major part of the headlines coming up in the hours following these breaking events. Meanwhile, President Trump continues to tweet about how he did nothing wrong, recently quoting Fox News’ Brett Baier, and then posting a Fox News video clip shortly after.

Meanwhile, President Trump is doing business as usual, with a planned meeting with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe amidst remarks being made to the U.N. The amazing resilience of Trump to continue to conduct U.S. and global business in the fact of these nonstop attacks from the left is something remarkable for sure.

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