DeSantis Opponent Nikki Fried Appears to Believe that Mainstream News Will Help Her Win, ‘Ron DeSantis Has Fox News, But we Have Everyone Else’

In a somewhat, but not really cryptic tweet, Democrat Nikki Fried appears to, in our speculation only, have a secret weapon in the upcoming 2022 Florida Governor’s race. Fried claims that in her opinion, Ron DeSantis, the current governor and a Republican “has Fox News”.

It’s tough to say for sure exactly how that works if she thinks DeSantis has a special hotline where he can call Fox News executives and tell them exactly what he wants them to say, or if she just thinks they have a right lean. It’s tough to say for sure what Fox News executives think of Ron DeSantis, or if they have “pledged” to use their news to try to somehow help him get re-elected, although that seems unlikely to us.

On the contrary, DeSantis is popular in Florida with traditional Republicans, swing voters, and Hispanics, and we think he will likely get re-elected quite easily. Again, we can only speculate here, but if we had to guess, it sounds like Fried is saying she has ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, and many other left-leaning organizations who “she has”. We don’t know for sure, but again, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to draw that speculation.

Many Democrats and media outlets have denied left-wing bias over the years, but it appears they’re not worried about optics anymore. Fried’s recent tweet read:

“Ron DeSantis has Fox News, but we have everyone else. Florida will be blue in 2022.”

Although many red and swing states may indeed be shifting blue due to demographic shifts, it’s hard to believe Florida is ready to flip blue, after Donald Trump won it in 2016, and again in 2020 by an even healthier margin. Time will tell how elections, including the Florida Governor’s race, will go in 2022, but we think there will be many big surprises to come.

We reported on June 1, 2021, about Fried’s original announcement to run:

Florida’s Democratic Agriculture Commissioner and only statewide elected official Nikki Fried announced today that she is officially running for governor in the 2022 election.

Fried tweeted a video announcing her candidacy, which has garnered over 14k likes thus far, where she cast herself as a proven crusader against corruption, vowing to “break the whole rigged system.”

“Listen, this won’t be easy. Those in power will do whatever harm it takes to stay there, but I’ve spent my whole life taking on the system. I’m unafraid, I’m tested, I’m ready. And I know you’re ready for something new,” Fried insisted.

In the tweet, Fried said, “It’s time to break the rigged, corrupt system in Florida with #SomethingNew. That’s why I’m running for Governor.”

Fried made it a three-part tweet, where she shared her tweet message and captioned the video in three different languages, in addition to English, both Spanish and Haitian Creole, in an attempt to appeal to those groups of voters.

See all the tweets and read that full story here. Stay tuned for more updates on Florida politics and critical election information around the nation.

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