Christian Detroit Lions’ Nicholas Williams Seeks Clarity on NFL Covid Outbreak Policy, ‘What if a Vaccinated Player Causes an Outbreak?’

Detriot Lions Defensive Lineman Nicholas Williams hit back at the National Football League (NFL) after the NFL threatened forfeit for teams with a Covid-19 outbreak among unvaccinated players.

“An outbreak among unvaccinated players could cost a team, and players, dearly.”

Following this news, Williams asked on Twitter, “Just so we’re on the same page: if a vaccinated player causes an outbreak then what?”

This comes as we previously reported, “Three Texas House Democrats have reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 after leaving the state to avoid the passage of an election integrity bill in the Texas House.

Although all three of the Texas House Democrats are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, they did still contract the virus. Some would credit this to them flying maskless on a private plane to D.C. in order to stop a vote on legislation.

Some took to Twitter to remind them of the gloating the Texas Democrats did on Twitter after successfully stopping the vote.

It appears Williams is asking clarification as to whether a team will have to forfeit its game if a vaccinated player causes the outbreak. Some unvaccinated players may be worried they will face punishment because some vaccinated players could cause an outbreak in their eyes.

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