Disney Actor Joseph Gatt Allegedly had ‘Sexually explicit communication with a minor’, Arrested in California

Joseph Gatt, best known for his acting in “Dumbo” and “Game of Thrones” has been arrested in California after he allegedly engaged in “online sexually explicit communication with a minor across state lines.”

Gatt took to Twitter to release a statement on the “100% categorically wrong and reckless” allegations against him.

Gatt said, “I obviously want to address the absolutely horrifying and completely untrue allegations recently leveled again me. He continued, “I have confirmed errors and misleading information in today’s press release. I am fully cooperating with police and LAPD to get to the bottom of this.”

Gatt concluded, “Thank you to all of my friends and supporters who know that this is untrue and understand for legal reasons I cannot comment further on social media.” He was released on the same day on bail for $5,000 but this still doesn’t help the stereotype Disney and its affiliates are battling.

After Disney’s strong opposition to Florida’s new law that restricts the teaching of sexual material to those in grades K-3, many have begun to boycott the once-beloved tourist attraction and instead call Dinsey “groomers”.

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If one thing is the most shocking is that this story is getting very little attention from media outlets though to many, this is important and needs to be known. Some may speculate that Disney and those associated with them have much more dirt they are hiding.

Stay tuned to Media Right News as this story continues to develop.